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Many parents all over the world are facing a relatively new type of threat to their kids. Children are constantly pressuring moms and dads to buy them the latest gadgets including smartphones and PCs. One major worry of today’s parents is the fact that children have an increasingly high chance of either meeting strangers that might want to harm them or accessing unsuitable materials on the internet.

  • What would you propose to be an effective solution to this problem?
  • Refuse to buy them these devices which have arguably more benefits than demerits?

Of course not! An ultimate solution would be to use a monitoring software to track their activities in real time from any corner of the world. One of the best of such monitoring software for Android and other devices is Snoopza.

What exactly is Snoopza

Snoopza is a free cell tracker app for Android which allows you to routinely check on the actions of your children or anyone else and attend promptly to specific concerns. And guess what, it comes with a stealth mode feature which means that you get to enjoy the benefits mentioned above with total secrecy. Unlike most other monitoring software, Snoopza is very easy to install and has the generous option of a totally free basic plan which allows users to track calls and SMS, monitor internet history and know the location of the device on which the software is installed using the Geolocation feature.

Flexible pricing plans

The monthly and annual standard subscription plans open the vistas to loads of even more interesting features which allow you to spy on virtually all social media activities of the end user and you also get access to the already mentioned stealth mode. This allows Snoopza to run completely undetected in the background of the mobile phone or tablet. It neither displays any icons on the app list nor allows the end user to access Snoopza on the device itself.

Save your business with Snoopza

monitoring software Snoopza

Another great advantage of Snoopza, particularly when you purchase the standard plan is that it enables you to monitor the activities of your employees if you are a business owner or an employer. It creates an invaluable avenue for you to monitor and control phone related expenditure. One major problem companies are currently facing in virtually all parts of the world is corporate espionage. Rogue employees sell information and ideas which potentially leads to lost revenues amounting to several thousand or even millions of dollars. This can easily be prevented by installing Snoopza. It will run stealthily and give your employees absolutely no cause to suspect a thing. Phone calls will be recorded and messages sent or received will be logged. And you will have irrefutable evidence to follow up on any disciplinary process.

Final Verdict

Users of Snoopza have said lots of good things, and it’s obvious that it delivers. It provides users with every feature they need to spy on virtually all types of mobile devices effectively. The pricing and quality of customer support set it apart from the rest. Every parent and employer should use Snoopza; it’s simply a safe and smart thing to do.

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