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3 Best Parental Control Android App

Parental Control App

People who want to use a spy on Android phone software find it difficult with the vast amount available. This will save valuable time on research as we take the 3 top spyware showcasing their main features. We compare 3 Best Parental Control Android App Hoverwatch, mSpy and Spyzie. Look at each one of these spywares individually and how they compare against each other.

Best Spy on Android Phone Comparison Hoverwatch vs mSpy vs Spyzie

Spy on Android Phone

mSpy is a top spyware software that enables parents and loved ones to track on more than Android phones. This spyware works on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Via Mspy you monitor every aspect of a mobile from phone calls, instant messages, texts and all social media use. You can also see where the target phone is on a map. What we like about it is that you can install it on an iPhone that is not jailbroken. When you want to check instant messenger and email tracking on android, it must be a rooted device.

The mSpy is activated after you get a monthly or annual subscription, which can be canceled when you choose. After you have a subscription to mSpy, you must download the software on the target phone. It is a simple installation that takes a few minutes. The end user cannot detect the spyware. Now you can check keystroke, browsing history, contacts, videos, photos, emails, texts, social media, incoming and outgoing calls, GPS locations and much more.

mSpy pricing and plans are:

  • monthly $29.99
  • three-monthly $59.99
  • annually $99.99


  • Monthly $69.99
  • Three-monthly $119.99
  • Annually $199.99

Family plan for 3 phones

  • 6-months $359.97
  • 12 months $479.97
  • Additional phone support $12.99

Spyzie Spy on Android Phone Software

Spyzie offers various plans to keep monitoring spouses, friends or kids. You can access calendar, gallery, GPS Location, text messaging and call history. Spyzie compares badly against mSpy and Hoverwatch when you
consider it does not allow for Facebook monitoring. Spyzie does not work on Windows and Mac but on both Android and iPhones. The main advantage which neither Hoverwatch nor mSpy have is that you do not need access to the target phone. The end user will never know you are tracking him or her either as it runs in stealth mode.

Other actions it completes are browser history, call logs, other social media activity, except Facebook and GPS tracking. What is amazingly different is its low entry-level price of $7.50 monthly.

Best Android Phone Software

For example, when you need to track SMS’s via Spyzie, take these steps:

  1. Open a new account on Spyzie, which requires a premium subscription
  2. Provide details of the target phone
  3. If you are tracking an Android device, you need access to the phone
  4. iPhone is tracked without the device, but Apple ID and passwords are required

You can track the target phone via your own smartphone or computer and something else that Spyzie has is a free app. This app is available for free on Google Play and App Store.

Aside from the usual features, you can also pre-set a schedule that restricts the use of the phone. This is excellent when you know your child must study etc. and you simply block their phone. Another good feature is an app blocker that disables a specific app on the target phone. A big advantage that neither Hoverwatch nor mSpy has is a free version of the spyzie app. With the free Spyzie, you can check phone history, call logs and contacts.

Spyzie Premium

  • Monthly $29.99
  • Three-monthly $39.99
  • Annually $89.99

Premium Features:

  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Bookmarks
  • Browser history
  • Calendar activities
  • Apps
  • Contacts
  • GPS Location
  • Text messaging
  • Call logs

Ultimate Edition Features

  • Monthly 439.99
  • Three-monthly $49.99
  • Annually $99.00

In addition to all the Premium Features, you have access to:

  • All social media accounts
  • WhatsApp
  • Keylogger
  • Hangouts
  • Capture Screenshots

Who Offers the Best Spy on Android Phone Software

Hoverwatch has been available for over 16 years making it a trusted spyware provider. Unlike Spyzie can you not get a free version. You do get two versions though which are like mSpy, with the difference you get a free trial period. Even though HoverWatch is good, it lacks the features of both mSpy and Spyzie. The instant messengers that Hoverwatch cover are only Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp. Altogether Hoverwatch has 12 features.

Instant messaging available on mSpy includes:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Viber
  • Skype
  • iMessage
  • Telegram
  • tinder
  • LINE
  • Snapchat

While mSpy can be used on PC, Mac, Android, and apple, HoverWatch cannot be used on Apple smartphone. Compared to Spyzie Hoverwatch loses too as Spyzie operates well with iPhones as well. Like mSpy you need a
rooted Android device to use HoverWatch. Spyzie allows you to block a phone
from usage, while both mSpy and Hoverwatch do that too.

In addition, you can wipe data remotely with mSpy which the other two cannot do. You have free support from HoverWatch and Spyzie while you need to pay an additional $12.99 if you want support from the technical team from mSpy. Then you do not get a free mSpy version, while you have completely free Spyzie and HoverWatch offers you a week free trial.

 Best Spy on Android Phone Software

HoverWatch Pricing and Plans:

Personal use:

  • Monthly $19.95
  • Three-monthly $49.95
  • Annually $99.95

Family up to 5 phones:

  • Monthly $39.95
  • Three-monthly $99.95
  • Annually $199.95

Business Use:

  • Monthly $149.95
  • Three-monthly $299.95
  • Annually $499.95

Advantages of Hoverwatch:

  • First week free trial
  • Low pricing for single users

Advantages of Spyzie

  • Pricing as low as $7.5 monthly
  • Available via a free app with limited features

Advantages of mSpy

Premium version costs $29.99 per month

The result of program comparison

When you need to decide between these three spyware it would be a difficult choice. Each has its advantages above the other. While mSpy appears to have the most advanced features, will find that you pay the price too. You might be satisfied with limited tracking and use a free spyware like Spyzie.

Hoverwatch with its low entry price offers you all the features you get with a Basic mSpy account, which makes Hoverwatch cheaper than mSpy when you get the same basic features. Spyzie with all its features is the same price as HoverWatch and mSpy.

The one thing you could look at is your budget as you will find that Spyzie is the cheapest overall. The other thing you could really look at when asking which spy on android phone software is the better, is to look at the longest in existence. Here you will find HoverWatch to prevail.

Snoopza.com – monitoring software for Android

monitoring software to track Snoopza

Many parents all over the world are facing a relatively new type of threat to their kids. Children are constantly pressuring moms and dads to buy them the latest gadgets including smartphones and PCs. One major worry of today’s parents is the fact that children have an increasingly high chance of either meeting strangers that might want to harm them or accessing unsuitable materials on the internet.

  • What would you propose to be an effective solution to this problem?
  • Refuse to buy them these devices which have arguably more benefits than demerits?

Of course not! An ultimate solution would be to use a monitoring software to track their activities in real time from any corner of the world. One of the best of such monitoring software for Android and other devices is Snoopza.

What exactly is Snoopza

Snoopza is a free cell tracker app for Android which allows you to routinely check on the actions of your children or anyone else and attend promptly to specific concerns. And guess what, it comes with a stealth mode feature which means that you get to enjoy the benefits mentioned above with total secrecy. Unlike most other monitoring software, Snoopza is very easy to install and has the generous option of a totally free basic plan which allows users to track calls and SMS, monitor internet history and know the location of the device on which the software is installed using the Geolocation feature.

Flexible pricing plans

The monthly and annual standard subscription plans open the vistas to loads of even more interesting features which allow you to spy on virtually all social media activities of the end user and you also get access to the already mentioned stealth mode. This allows Snoopza to run completely undetected in the background of the mobile phone or tablet. It neither displays any icons on the app list nor allows the end user to access Snoopza on the device itself.

Save your business with Snoopza

monitoring software Snoopza

Another great advantage of Snoopza, particularly when you purchase the standard plan is that it enables you to monitor the activities of your employees if you are a business owner or an employer. It creates an invaluable avenue for you to monitor and control phone related expenditure. One major problem companies are currently facing in virtually all parts of the world is corporate espionage. Rogue employees sell information and ideas which potentially leads to lost revenues amounting to several thousand or even millions of dollars. This can easily be prevented by installing Snoopza. It will run stealthily and give your employees absolutely no cause to suspect a thing. Phone calls will be recorded and messages sent or received will be logged. And you will have irrefutable evidence to follow up on any disciplinary process.

Final Verdict

Users of Snoopza have said lots of good things, and it’s obvious that it delivers. It provides users with every feature they need to spy on virtually all types of mobile devices effectively. The pricing and quality of customer support set it apart from the rest. Every parent and employer should use Snoopza; it’s simply a safe and smart thing to do.

Mspy.com – the best parental control smartphone software

parental control software MSPY

A monitoring software/application is a surveillance tool for computers and smartphones. They are commonly used as parental monitoring programs for kids. They can also be used for monitoring the activity of employees, recovering lost data or tracing the location of a missing or stolen smartphone or computer. Now that you have a basic knowledge of monitoring software let me present to you, Mspy, one of the best monitoring software that you will forever appreciate using.

What is MSPY

MSPY is a parental control smartphone software that allows parents and employers monitor phone calls, text messages, current GPS location, and activities on virtually all social media platforms like SnapChat, WhatsApp Chat, Facebook chat and lots more of their children and employees.

Why do you need MSPY

As a parent, employer, or a supervisory officer of an organization you may need to keep a constant track of the activities of your kids or people working under you. You can as well monitor your spouse’s phone records. Below are some vital reasons why using the MSPY software may become a necessity.

  1. To protect and guide your children.

parental control smartphone software MSPYAre you a concerned parent? Do you get worried whether your kids made it to school from home or home from school or wonder where they are or who their new friends are? MSpy provides you with a simple and lasting solution. This software allows you to spy on your kids’ mobile phone and understand their world by allowing you to monitor several activities on their cell phones. This includes SMS Tracking, WhatsApp Tracking, Snapchat Tracking, iPhone Tracking Telegram Tracking, Tinder Tracking, Facebook Tracking, Hangouts Tracking, Viber Tracking, Skype Tracking and most importantly it allows you to monitor your child’s media contents and current location. Mspy is subscription based and the plan you are on determines the number of features available to you.


  1. You can as well monitor your employee’s online activities.

Cell phone monitoring just got easier. This robust software allows you to Spy on your business and protects your intellectual property, see where your employees are, what they’re doing, and what they’re saying. You can as well use it to discover how committed your workers are and you can easily fish out dishonest actions like sharing valuable classified details with other businesses.

    1. Do you want to know who your spouse is calling and sending text messages to.

If you ever suspect your partner is having an extramarital relationship, you could find out effortlessly within a short period using Mspy. The software can also be used to monitor aging parents without them knowing a thing.

What does it take to have MSPY application/software

All you need is a mobile device which runs on IOS, windows or Android operating system, or computer and most importantly an internet connection. Once you have all of these in place, you can go ahead and purchase the MSPY software on the website at”mspy.com,” it is easy to install and operate. Payments can be made safely using a credit card (Visa and Mastercard), you can as well make payment using PayPal, American Express and Wire transfer among others.

Now that you fully understand why it’s necessary to use the Mspy software, if you are willing to make a little investment that makes a huge difference, visit mspy.com today and get the software.

Flexispy.com – robust monitoring software

robust monitoring software FLEXISPY

When people think about monitoring software, the first thing that mostly comes to mind is a security agency they know from TV shows such as the CIA, FBI and so on. However, the fact is that mobile device and computer monitoring software are actually available to anybody who wishes to purchase and use them. Today we will find out whether FLEXISPY is a robust monitoring software.

Most times, all you need is an internet connection, computer or mobile phone running on the IOS, windows or Android operating systems and any of the common credit cards (like MasterCard or perhaps Visa) for payment purposes. Some websites also accept payment via web-based payment platforms like PayPal. One outstanding monitoring software is that is making wave is Flexispy; a versatile masterpiece which runs on all the major mobile and PC operating systems including Windows 7, 8 and 10 as well as the Mac OS, El Captain, Sierra and Yosemite.

What do you get with Flexispy

So, what precisely does Flexispy allow users to accomplish? It’s best to answer that question in two perspectives. First, what it achieves and then, the benefits of purchasing and installing Flexispy. When you purchase and install this robust monitoring software, you will be able to log into your dashboard or online portal to monitor the way the device on which it was installed is being used. You can view the phone calls the mobile device has made as well as the phone calls it has received. In addition, text messages sent and received can be monitored and you will be able to discover the exact location of the device on Google maps or any other similar program with the GPS feature.

Effective keylogger

In techie terms, a keylogger is said to be only as effective as the keystrokes it records, and Flexispy’s advance keylogger discreetly captures all keystrokes typed including emails, passwords, social media activities and much more. You are then given full access to these keystrokes in real time via your mobile device or a web browser from anywhere across the globe.

Lots of cool features

flexspy monitoring softwarections mentioned above are just a fraction of the full list of cool and unique features you get with Flexispy. Another remarkable point worth mentioning is that the software works as a kind of invisible technology. Still trying to make out what that means? Well, that’s simply to say that the computer monitoring software is preconfigured to NOT reveal its presence to the end user of the computer or mobile device. Even as it runs and performs its spy duty, it stays 100% hidden from the task manager/application list.

Ease of use

While lots of monitoring software are loaded with complicated options that make them rather difficult to use, Flexispy was built with simplicity in mind. There’d be no need to rack your brain trying to figure out what’s the best stealth settings and you can easily purchase the installation service if rooting your Android or jailbreaking your IOS device becomes an issue. You can also opt to purchase a mobile device with Flexispy preinstalled if that works better for you.

Amazing benefits

Now that you fully understand what Flexispy does and how it works let’s move on to the benefits. This is where the software truly markets itself. If you are an employer, you can use it discover how committed your workers are and you can easily fish out fraudulent actions like sharing confidential details with other businesses. If you are a parent, you can tap into its potentials to discover if your kids are getting into any trouble and locate them easily if they ever go missing.

Now you know you don’t need to be an FBI agent to use a monitoring software and if you are ready to start keeping track of the people around you, visit to review Flexispy now.